Specialist services, unique portfolio offerings

Your investment portfolio is the key driver for many of your goals and objectives. Given its importance shouldn’t you have access to the people running it?

At Beulah instead of outsourcing to a professional investment team, we built one. Our advisers are backed by an in-house team of investment professionals, who design specific portfolio’s to meet your needs.

Specialist services, unique portfolio offerings

Beulah is a specialist provider of investment management services across the range of asset classes including Australian equities, international equities, listed property, fixed interest, bonds, cash, derivatives and foreign exchange.

We have designed a range of in-house strategies to achieve specific objectives, such as maximising income, protecting capital, and enhancing capital growth. Our client base includes foundations, not for profit organisations, independent financial advisers, individuals and self managed superannuation.

Beulah has developed the following portfolios:




Growth Plus

Australian Shares Income

International Equities